Mag-Jic (Paddle) Holster

PISTOL PACKAGING Mag-Jic (Paddle) Holster   $38.50

This holster contains an extremely powerful, Neodymium, Rare Earth, magnet that is attracted to a metal insert in the paddle flap which secures the holster in place. This magnet is good for 100 years!

The Mag-Jic Holster is a body hugging, compact, holster with a built-in channel sight.

The versatility begins when you take it off your waist. Here’s a brief listing of some of the places customers have reported using their Mag-Jic Holster – their car, their boat, the frame of their bed, the handle of their desk drawer, and about their cash register. Applications are limited to your imagination!

You create your own molded holster by following the simple directions on the package to have a formed holster, custom fitted to your handgun.

The Mag-Jic Holster is made of premium grade black leather with a finsihed inside to safeguard the finish of your handgun.

* Black leather
* Right or left handed
* Canted or crossdraw
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