Sierra Bark/Whiskey

Sierra Bark / Whiskey / Burnt Bone Band w/Amber Accent
This Bark hat uses our Whiskey color for the applique and under the brim. It also has Bark mesh and brim edge trim for a very clean look. The Burnt Bone Band with Amber accent is the finishing touch.

The Sierra features our ever popular Sirocco applique. The scalloped design suggests western images while maintaining subtlety. Metal wire sewn into the trim on the edge of the brim allows great ’Hattitude’ adjustment which means you can custom shape the brim to fit you perfectly. Piping around the crown applique matches the color under the brim.

The Designer Mesh & Leather Hat Collection features our finest of the cool mesh hats. Exciting and stylish colors make these hats a perfect choice when looking your best is the order of the day. To the crown of each hat we have applied a two tone appliqué and double stitched it for a super look. The accent color under the brim matches the color framing the appliqué. To enhance each hat, we have laminated a suede liner to the brim, which gives the hat a more finished appearance and allows a greater degree of custom shaping.Handmade in Freedom, CA